China to build new space launch center in Hainan

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China plans to construct a new space launch center in Wenchang, China"s southernmost Hainan Province, according to official sources.

The new launch center aims to serve the next-generation rocket carriers that do emit poisonous and pollutive gas and new-type spacecraft.

The new launch site will be mainly used for launching synchronous satellites, heavy satellites, large space stations, and deep space probe satellites, according to the plan which has been approved by the State Council and the Central Military Commission.

Hainan is located in a low-latitude region, which is helpful to increasing the capacity of rocket carriers and extending the lifespan of satellites.

A spokesman for China"s space program said the Chinese government works on peaceful use of the outer space to promote development of human civilization and social development and benefit the whole mankind.

In 1958, China began building its first rocket launch site in northwest China"s Jiuquan. At present, the country has three space launch grounds. The other two are located in Taiyuan, capital of north China"s Shanxi Province and Xichang in southwestern Sichuan Province.

These launch sites have carried out over 100 space launches, sending over 100 satellites and six manned spacecraft into space.